Mud (bohnhoff) wrote in tattoos_4_men,

Tattoo Design Contest

At the Comic Thrash, we have monthly art contests to push our members artistic skills. Normally our contests revolve around sequential art but in May we're going to do something a bit different. We're going to challenge the Thrashers to come up with the best tattoo design they can. And instead of giving a tshirt to the creator of the best design, we hope to get it tattooed on a volunteer. But first we need to find a volunteer.
The volunteer will get to decide on the tattoo's content and get to pick the winning design. You volunteer, you name what kind of tattoo you want, and the Thrashers will churn out designs for you for a month. Is anyone interested?
Even if you would rather not be on the receiving end of the tattoo challenge, feel free to join the Comic Thrash and submit your designs all through the month of May.
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