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Well, it's about *TIME*...

What's new?

My new tattoo, that's what's new!!! [[happy grizzly dance]]

(( Click thumbnails for bigger versions... ))


This past Saturday, I finally got the work *started* on what's going to end up being a full forearm sleeve (or "half-sleeve"). (( Thank you Wing!!! [[huge grizzly hugs]] )) Have been sitting on this idea for a long time now, but the work's moving ahead now... I am BEYOND happy!!! :o)

Breaking the work up into chunks and doing work on it as money permits, so this was the easiest chunk to start with. Only about 2hrs of work so far.

Over the years, as a student of various philosophies and religious/spiritual paths, I've worked with lots of different energies and Godforms, including the Hindu pantheon. For about the past 20yrs or so, I've been working with the mantra/prayer/chant "Om Namaha Shivaya", which translates roughly to "I bow to (or honour) the holy name of Lord Shiva..." The sort of liberal/"new agey" use of it is more akin to "I honour and respect the Energy Of Transformation, and pray that I will be freed of my Ego (fear and ignorance)..."

Yes, that's a trident coming up from my wrist, as Shiva is often shown holding a trident, symbolizing triumph over the illusions of the body, mind and "lower compulsions". The wrist has a stylized lotus, looking something like a starburst pattern, symbolizing energy and rising above the limitations of the world. The stuff on the other side is even cooler... ;o)

I've known for a long time that I wanted to get that mantra as my first tattoo. Working with the artist/tattooist Chris Cody at Archangel Tattoos here in the city, we came up with a much more elaborate piece than I'd originally thought of -- I was originally thinking about a forearm "cuff" with the mantra. We talked about the various images and ideas that are associated with Shiva and what they all meant to *me* and why I was getting the tattoo, etc. and came up with the various components together...then she came up with some amazing suggestions that are going to look SOOOOOO truly sweet when it's all done. I just need to rob that bank again, I think, to get the rest done.

Yeah. I'm hooked now... ;o)
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