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first ink

I got my first ink about 3 weeks ago. I go back on Friday to have it finished up / touched up.

The design is 3 ginkgo on my left torso - shoulder, pec, and ribs. It's a memorial to my parents, who died about 6 years ago (6 months apart, both from cancer). The ginkgo was their favorite tree. When they dated, they walked in a park with ginkgo trees. My mother used ginkgo leaves and designs in some of her artwork. They planted a ginkgo tree at their home in Dallas. My sisters and I put a ginkgo design on their headstone.

Originally, I was planning on one leaf on my pec, but after discussions with friends and the artist, I decided to go bigger. I'm very happy with it. It should look a bit more subtle when my chest fur grows back. I'll post some more pics then. Meanwhile, I've trimmed down the other side so that it will all grow back in together.

The artist is Stevie Moon. I gave him lots of source material (drawings, photos, and real ginkgo leaves) and he freehanded the design on me.

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But then again I have come to expect that from Stevie

Wow, that is beautiful. I have never seen a tattoo so elegant and original. I hope you will post later with your fur grown back.
WOW! Amazing tatoo. Just amazing! And you aren't bad either. It has been quite a while since you posted these. You really need to post again so we can see what your tats look like with your chest hair grown back.

Hot tats. Hot man.
you're so dreamy, sir.
wow. *somebody* has gone back to read my old posts! LOL

your 'sultry' icon left me wanting more, so i thought i'd do some browsing.

very very nice!
Stevie Moon did mine as well! I have more, if you'd like I can send you pics of the others.